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Tight muscles can restrict movement and potentially cause injury. Caulfield Physiotherapy stretching programs reduce the discomfort associated with tight muscles. Muscle stretching allows your body to perform in a more effective manner and reduce your risk of injury.

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Your ligaments are the restraining bands that prevent joints from moving too far. Ligaments contain receptors that send signals to your brain, which allows you to know where your joint is in space.

Proprioception refers to the body’s ability to sense movement within joints and allows awareness of where your joints are in space.

A common example is when you sprain the outside ligament of your ankle, it heals with scar tissue. You can regain the range of movement of the joint, reduce the swelling and improve the strength. However, it is important to also re-train your joint awareness (proprioception) to prevent reoccurrence of the injury.

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Clinical Pilates

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Electrotherapy is used as an adjunct to other physiotherapy treatments and may invlove:-

  • Ultrasound
    This technique uses the mechanical energy of sound waves, and can penetrate up to 5cm into your muscle tissues, whereas standard infrared therapy generally penetrates 2mm.  Ultrasound increases blood circulation and the permeability of the cells, which in turn accelerates the healing process. Ultrasound is a vibration and does not produce electromagnetic radiation.
  • Interferential
    This treatment can be used for recent trauma or chronic injuries. The interference currents reduce your pain, swelling and the inflammatory products that irritate your tissues.
Ultrasound Treatment

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Manual Therapy

Hands on treatments are beneficial for a range of injuries, pain, stiffness or performance issues. There are a number of manual treatment therapies available including massage and mobilisation. Find out more on our Manual Therapy page.

Off-site services

Most physiotherapy services are conducted in our Caulfield clinic. However, a range of other services are available off-site, which includes:

  • Increased Productivity in your Workplace

    Leading business owners turn to  Caulfield Physiotherapy to assist staff, who have been involved in a work related accident or injury.

    Caulfield Physiotherapy also give presentations to educate workers on how to reduce the risk of injury. The education and advice are tailored to computer operators, warehouse staff or other occupations. Discover how Caulfield Physiotherapy can help reduce your staff injury rates – simply call us on  (03) 9578 9124 or complete our online Contact Form and we will call you back during our office hours.

  • School program

    Caulfield Physiotherapy visit schools and assess students for abnormal spinal alignment. Early identification of musculoskeletal problems enables a better opportunity to correct these abnormalities and to implement preventative programs to avoid the problem worsening. Our low cost, time effective interventions prevent future injury or disability – speak with Caulfield Physiotherapy today – simply call us on  (03) 9578 9124 or complete our online Contact Form and we will call you back during our office hours.

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