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Combining cutting edge physiotherapy with innovative treatment programs, our physiotherapists help you transform your health and well-being.

Evidence Based Treatment

Before commencing treatment, we work with you to understand the cause of your injury, pain or symptoms. We will conduct a thorough assessment to obtain a precise diagnosis of your presenting problem. This includes a discussion about the history of your complaint, followed by a detailed assessment of your muscles, bones and joints.

With a clear understanding of your presenting problem, we perform the most appropriate evidence based treatment for your condition. The “evidence-based treatments” are selected based from the most up-to-date scientific research for your injury and problem.

Ross Smith treats Kieran Perkins Barcelona Olympics 1992
Ross Smith treats Kieran Perkins Barcelona Olympics 1992
38 years of physiotherapy practice has shown that treating the cause of the problem, not the effects of the problem, provides you with longer lasting relief.

Ongoing Assistance

You will also receive a customised, easy to understand home exercise program for ongoing management of your injury or condition. Our home programs aim to complement our hands on physiotherapy treatments and help prevent reoccurrence of your symptoms. Click here and see how our “Treatments” can help you.

Treating the Cause

We conduct a thorough examination to determine the cause of your pain. Palpation is a vital skill to feel the tension of the body’s soft tissues. Palpation helps to identify the precise site of an abnormality. It is also a useful tool to re-assess if someone has responded to treatment. Sometimes, pain may be referred from another site. For example, pain may radiate from your neck into your arm. In this case, treatment of the neck removes the arm pain. “Hands on Physiotherapy” is often the preferred treatment.

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