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Combining cutting edge physiotherapy with innovative treatment programs, our physiotherapists help you transform your health and well-being.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy or “hands on therapy” is used by Caulfield Physiotherapy to help your body recover from injury and enhance performance.

The manual therapy techniques we use in our clinic include:

Mobilisation of Joints

Stiffness can cause restricted movement and pain. Our mobilising techniques reduce stiffness by lengthening soft tissue structures of the body, such as ligaments, muscles and joints. The type and level of mobilisation varies from extremely gentle to strong techniques.

Manipulative techniques are used only for a small percentage of patients. A strict protocol of testing vital structures is carried out before manipulative techniques are used.

Mobilisation of the neck joints
Mobilisation of the neck joints. Ross Smith Treats Jessica Kaufman 19 July 2013

Maitland Approach

Geoffrey Maitland, a brilliant South Australian Physiotherapist, developed a system of assessment and treatment of patients. His approach to treatment is precise and gentle. It also features progressive, mobilisation techniques with detailed assessment before and after treatment. Caulfield Physiotherapy uses the Maitland Approach.


Caulfield Physiotherapists use soft tissue massage to address an abnormal increase in the tone of your muscles. Massage lengthens tight tissues and can also be used to decrease swelling in the tissues.

Physiotherapy Facilitated Stretching (Neuromuscular Facilitation)

Muscles that are shortened can restrict your mobility. Neuromuscular Facilitation is an effective technique to reduce tightness of muscles in your body and can help to reduce the risk of a muscle strain.

Co-ordinated Therapies & Treatments

The Physiotherapists at Caulfield Physiotherapy use a combination of the above treatments to decrease your pain and improve your function.  

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