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Combining cutting edge physiotherapy with innovative treatment programs, our physiotherapists help you transform your health and well-being.

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Caulfield Physiotherapy Melbourne

Ross B Smith and Associates, Caulfield Physiotherapy have a long history providing quality Physiotherapy to the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne for over 40 years & Ross has even been awarded an Order of Australia Medal for his services to the Australian Olympic & Commonwealth Games Teams (see the Photo Gallery for some famous Australian athletes Ross has treated).

Our Physiotherapy treatment is successful due to our dedicated, caring and personable Physiotherapists, Ross Smith, Caroline Szafranski, Emma Belotti and Jeremy Tusia who will provide you will one on one and individualised treatment.

We provide you with a thorough assessment to ensure we find the cause of your injury, so treatment is effective. This allows you to return to sport, dance, gym or your everyday activities pain free and with a decreased risk of re-occurrence. 

We are open 6 days a week, including Saturday mornings, our Physiotherapists cater for all your needs.

Moving Precisely? Or Taking the Path of Least Resistance
Dr. Shirley A Sahrmann (PhD, PT, FAPTA)

Our treatments use the biomechanical approach explained by Professor of Physical Therapy at Washington University, Dr. Shirley Sahrmann, whereby we aim to restore your normal biomechanics following an injury.

Caulfield Physiotherapy provides physiotherapy treatments that help your body to move in the “correct way”. We reduce your pain and improve your range of joint movements.

Ross Smith Treating Anna Segal, Ski Slopestyle World Champion and Sochi Olympian.
Ross Smith Treating Anna Segal, Ski Slopestyle World Champion and Sochi Olympian.

Physiotherapy Treatments

Physiotherapy treatments repair soft tissues and joint structures to help reduce your pain.

Treatments include manual therapy, stretching, strengthening and electrotherapy.

Manual Therapy

Discover how our treatment techniques of mobilisation, manipulation and massage can work for you. Click this … Manual Therapy … link for more information.


There are a range of strengthening techniques used by our Physiotherapists. Click this … Strengthening … link for more information

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a mind-body technique to strengthen and stabilise your core musculature. Click this … Clinical Pilates … link for more information.


Stretching techniques are used to lengthen your shortened soft tissues and decrease your joint stiffness. Click this … Stretching … link for more information.


Ultrasound and Interferential modalities are used to increase blood circulation and reduce swelling to decrease your pain. Click this … Electrotherapy … link for more information.

Co-ordinated Therapies & Treatments

The Physiotherapists at Caulfield Physiotherapy use a combination of the above treatments to decrease your pain and improve your function.

The Caulfield Physiotherapy Team

Meet the team and see the range of expertise available at Caulfield Physiotherapy on the Our Team page.

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