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Armadale Bowls Club Balance Education Session

Yesterday Physiotherapists’ Ross Smith and Caroline Szafranski from Caulfield Physiotherapy had the pleasure of chatting with Armadale Bowls Club about a very important topic of balance.
Balance and stability is an integral part of bowling to ensure that there is a constant delivery and controlled momentum to produce the desired length. To outlast your opponent (especially during the longer games) it is key to have good balance, technique, coordination and core stability.
Caroline demonstrated different ways we can test our balance by challenging the there sensorimotor control systems of balance that include; vision (sight), proprioception (touch), and the vestibular system (motion, equilibrium, spatial orientation).

Ross discussed the importance of strengthening our main stabilising muscles that are required for optimal balance including our calves, quadriceps, deep hip rotators and core.
Thank You Armadale Bowls Club For Having Us!

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